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The capabilities and services of the company

through it's a joint venture with Maurbeni , in addition to the well trained and certified project managers and various levels of qualified employees have the track record and systems necessary to pursue and deliver large-scale and complex projects.

As upstream hydrocarbons projects continue to grow in size and complexity,  is one of the promised companies with the resources, technical capabilities and systems to meet the demands of large scale projects for both onshore & offshore applications. As follows:

▪          Offshore Platforms, decks & Extensions

▪          Power Stations

▪           Electrical Power networks

▪           Over Head transmission Lines –  OHTL

▪           Control & Automation Systems

▪           Power Generation Modules   Compression Stations

▪           Piping & Flow Lines Projects

▪           Oil & Gas Process, Utilities & Early Production Facilities

▪           Storage Tanks

▪           Waste Water Treatment Plants

▪          Integration, Modifications &Rehabilitation Projects Telecommunication and Networking systems Projects

Based on the above, we can conclude that one of our most important goal is to become your winning partner for EPC projects, as we have the newest systems, technologies and certified employees as long as the experiences gained from the several applications in that field

The capabilities and services of the company

EPC Projects, Turn Key 

Diverse Skids& Packages 

The value gained from our staff experience is one of the basic factors of our business success. It encouraged us to create and enforce new fields of services and production to benefit of our client. The process & production skids, one of those fields.

Our joint venture Aibel, whi supply us with the newest technology,qualify us to compete the main International suppliers which are specified in that field, as a major  part of those skids are locally manufactured.

Such skids are but not limited to the follows:

▪          Chemical Injection Skids (Corrosion Inhibitor, Scale Inhibitor – Demulsifier, Antifoam, Methanol, Glycol)

▪            Well Head Control Skids

▪            Electronic Submersible Pump Skids –ESP

▪            Pumping Skids

▪            Fuel Gas Skids (Filtration, Metering, Analysis, Heater) Early Production Facilities (Manifold, Well Test Production, HP&LP Test Separator, Slug Catcher, Oil Stabilizer)

▪            Metering Skids

▪          Gas Pressure Reducing Stations          Final Treatment for Gas Turbine

▪          Launching and Receiving Traps

▪          Manifold Skids

▪          TEG –  MEG Packages

▪          Dehydration Systems Packages

▪          Instrument & Service Air Packages      Trucks Loading Systems

▪          Diesel Power Generation Packages

▪          Water Treatment Packages   Fire Fighting PackagesSince inception  has tried to cover all oil & gas sector needs, which, is one of our main objectives.

As this types of services which specified below are owned by international companies,  promptly co-operate with these companies through sealing a service agreements to work as a partner with EGPC companies, to enable us to enhance our experience in that field. Lately,  start preparing a feasibility study to parts of those services for locally execution, and already started to work by that equipment in a few projects. This view is encouraged by EGPC.   Hydro-test

▪          Nitrogen Purging, Degassing and freeing

▪          Commissioning leak test & Gaseous Leak Test (CLT & GLT)

▪          Crude Oil Shipping Services

▪          Chemical Cleaning and Hydro-Jetting

▪          Smart Pigging

▪          De-Sludge & Waste water disposal handling

Diverse Industrial Services 

2.4. Drilling Fluids and Mud Chemicals

Drilling Fluids and Specialty Chemicals for Oilfield and Mining applications  

•  Mud Chemicals and workover/completion fluid 

•  Chemicals for well stimulation. Production chemicals and general utility chemicals.  

•  Testing Services for Drilling and Other Chemicals, Oils and Fuels 

•  Onsite Testing Facilities and Environmental testing 

•  Manufacture Supply and Commissioning of Complete Mud Services Laboratories 

•  Rental and Sales of Filtration Units and Portable Mud Laboratories 

•  Mud Filtration and Waste Management Services 

Utilizing the expertise of our engineering services combined with the latest in reverse engineering,

metallurgical analysis and manufacturing lines of the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI),  provides the local/regional market with pioneered services of reproduction in the field of:

▪            Repair of Turbo machinery

▪            Manufacturing & reconditioning of spare parts

▪            Fabricate/repair of electronic boards and circuits Manufacturing of turbo expanders

Inspection is an important function of any predictive maintenance program. Most of these inspections utilize Non Destructive Tests (NDT) which are a group of very specialized technical procedures to provide information about the condition of materials or components. Inspection can reveal the presence of flaws which can be evaluated against accept/reject criteria. There are many recognized and widely used inspection techniques.

Local Manufacturing and Reverse Engineering 

 Asset Integrity &Inspection Services can professionally perform many of them such as:

•       In-Line Inspection Development & Implementation.       Fitness- for Purpose Assessments

•       Risk Management / Pipeline Maintenance Prioritization Programs / Due Diligence Assist

•       Stress Corrosion Cracking Management (SCC)

•       Regulatory Compliance

•       Field Evaluation/Defect Assessment      Failure Analysis & Remediation Program

•       Risk assessment and safety evaluation

•               Non Destructive Tests –  NDT (PT, RT, UT, MT & ET)

KSB - Pumps, Valves, Systems

Pumps, valves, systems, submersible motor pumps, mixers, butterfly valves, gate valves, diaphragm valves. 

Filteration Products

Our principle is global provider of filteration products and services with a worldwide 

customer base, superb product quality, leading brands, an extensive distribution network,

the industry's broadest product line, and its largest sales force. Learn about our business

segments: Industrial/Environmental Filtration

Engine/Mobile Filtration

Consumer Packaging

Our Total Filtration Program brings together the combined expertise and experience of over a dozen companies with just one call.Generators